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void print_help ( char *  prog  ) 

Prints information on how to use nbsmtp and some Copyright info.

[in] prog A pointer to argv[0]

Definition at line 214 of file util.c.

References authors, and print_usage().

Referenced by main(), and parse_options().

      int i = 0;

      printf("nbSMTP %s\n\n",PACKAGE_VERSION);

      printf("Features compiled-in: ");

#ifdef HAVE_SSL
                  "SSL "
#ifdef HAVE_INET6
                  "IPv6 "
                  "DEBUG "
#ifdef HAVE_OSX
                  "OSX "


      printf("nbSMTP comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY\n\n");

      } while (authors[++i]);

      printf("  -d\tdomain to send in HELO request\n");
      printf("  -f\temail address to send in MAIL FROM request\n");
      printf("  -h\thost to relay mail to\n");
      printf("  -p\tport to connect to\n");
#ifdef HAVE_SSL
      printf("  -s\tuse SSL to transfer mail\n");
      printf("  -S\tuse STARTTLS to connect to server\n");
      printf("  -U\tSASL user\n");
      printf("  -P\tSASL password\n");
      printf("  -M\t{l,p} SASL mechanism to use: l - login (default) , p - plain\n");
      printf("  -D\tenable debug to syslog (LOG_DEBUG)\n");
      printf("  -N\tdo not read system-wide config file\n");
      printf("  -n\tdo not read local config file\n");
      printf("  -V\tlog to stderr instead of using syslog (implies -D)\n");
      printf("  -v\tprint version and exit\n");
      printf("  -c\tuse an additional config file\n");
      printf("  -H\tthis help message\n");

      printf("\nSend bug reports and comments to <%s>.\n\n",PACKAGE_BUGREPORT);

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