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nbsmtp-1.00 Directory Reference


file  base64.c [code]
 base-64 conversion routines.
file  base64.h [code]
 This file has all base64.c declarations.
file  fdutil.c [code]
 This file has support for writing and readding to and from the socket.
file  fdutil.h [code]
 This file has fdutil.c declarations.
file  fileconfig.c [code]
 This file parses the nbsmtprc file.
file  fileconfig.h [code]
 This file has fileconfig.c definitions.
file  hmac_md5.c [code]
 Implementation of HMAC: Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication.
file  hmac_md5.h [code]
 hmac_md5.c header file
file  main.c [code]
 This file has the main function. Execution starts here.
file  nbsmtp.c [code]
 nbsmtp specific functions
file  nbsmtp.h [code]
 Function declaration for nbsmtp.c.
file  original.c [code]
 This file has the original functions of nbSMTP coded by us.
file  original.h [code]
 This file has original.c declarations.
file  osx.c [code]
 The OSX module provides some Mac OS X-only features related to network locations.
file  osx.h [code]
 OSX module (osx.c) definitions.
file  servinfo.h [code]
 servinfo_t struct declaration
file  smtp.c [code]
 This file has SMTP related code.
file  smtp.h [code]
 This file has all smtp.c declarations.
file  util.c [code]
 Util functions for string management.
file  util.h [code]
 Declarations for util.c.

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